Advertising for Love by Sandy Sullivan

Story: 6.75
Presentation: 9
Total: 15.75
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Contemporary
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Blurb: The Flower Basket Series

Cassie doesn’t have time for a man, not on a permanent basis anyway. Establishing her advertising business holds her heart until she notices an intriguing gentleman visiting The Flower Basket every other day. His brilliant blue eyes, broad shoulders and muscled chest haunt her waking hours and invade her midnight dreams until she comes face to face with her mystery man.

Cassandra Meyer. Just her name holds Jeremy Spencer spellbound, but actually meeting her sends his heart and desire into overdrive. He wants her but when she refuses to give into the attraction crackling between them, his frustration at her stubbornness forces his hand. His advertising campaign comes with one additional prize -- him. Take it or leave it.

Can Jeremy convince Cassie there’s room in her life for more than statistics and trends and to give love a try?

Review: I love this series. I was hooked from the beginning. Perhaps that is why this review is so difficult for me to write.
While the premise for this story was WONDERFUL, a character fell short for me. I enjoy a good alpha male that has some overbearing tendencies at times. But when manipulation and IMHO deceit are used to make a woman jealous so he can get what he wants from the very beginning, he loses some of his hero-like qualities.
Ms Sullivan did a wonderful job crafting a tale that had everything it needed to be a riviting story, driven plot, a twist that made me gasp, a heroine I liked from the start and of course...the sweet romance. My only wish is that the hero had been a bit more likeable through the entire story. The tale ended on a happy note, but we would expect nothing less from a sweet romance :)
I will be keeping my eyes peeled for this author in the future. I have high hopes for the next story of hers that I pick up :)

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