Talk Dirty To Me by Jack Greene

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Phaze
m/m Contemporary

Blurb: Adam's never called a gay phone sex line before, but he finally takes the plunge. Casey is more than happy to fulfill Adam's phone fantasies, but it's not long before he wants more than talk. When they meet, will it be as good as Adam's fantasy?

Review: Like slow sips of a fine wine, Talk Dirty To Me seeps into your psyche, draws you in and then you’re lost in the words in a most wonderful way. The emotional connection between the characters build slowly then sexual tension thickens when they meet. My heart pounded and my head was just a little dizzy. I was just a little drunk on this story. I thought the phone sex scenes were arousing and I felt the nervousness and the longing from Adam. My only critique is that in a few places along the way I found the dialog repetitive although the story was still moving forward.

If you want an erotic m/m story that gives you as much emotional punch as scorching sexual chemistry, than this is a perfect story for you.

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