A Staged Affair by Gem Sivad

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Siren
Erotic Historical

Blurb: Anna Fuller is a Shakespearean actress touring Texas when rancher, King Colton spots the red-haired vixen playing Lady Macbeth. One look and King’s in love.

King isn’t much for romance and doesn’t know what it will take to make Anna content, but if it takes money, he’s willing to spend a fortune trying.

Anna only wants King’s love, but he’s so busy fighting land-grabbers and taking care of ranch business, he doesn’t see what his lover offers. When Anna leaves him, King moves heaven, hell, and half of Texas too, trying to reclaim Anna before he loses her for good. Sex is the weapon of choice when these two face off in a sheet-scorching showdown.

Note: This book contains anal sex.

Review: Sheet-scorching might be an understatement!!! WOW!!!!!!
Though there were a few parts of the story laid in for back story the contained a lot of Shakespeare quotes this number was smoking and well told. The sex left me quivering and in need of a cold shower! WHEWWW!
Ms Sivad has done it again by giving us exactly what we what...Hot hero, sassy heroine and SMOKING sex all wrapped up in a story that has all the elements to make it a good read. :)

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