Reckless by Rick R. Reed

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: eXcessica
m/m fiction

Blurb: Paul wasn't looking for anything special that rainy autumn afternoon when he met Max in a Chicago Starbucks. But Max was-a simple, uncomplicated romp while his boyfriend was out of town on business. And Paul was only too happy to oblige.

There was only one problem: Paul was HIV positive. And just a few weeks after his hot encounter with Max, a letter arrived for him, containing some legalese about HIV infection being a criminal act, with a few chilling words:

Dear Paul,
You infected me. You didn't tell me. You need to pay.
All the best,

Those words turned Paul's world upside down. He had told Max. Hadn't he? They had used a condom. Hadn't they?

Come along for a heart-pounding ride full of secrets and lies.

Warnings: This title contains homosexual content and M/M sex.

Review: The warning needs to include instant attraction, the dangers of giving in to lust, regrets then curl-the-toes tension and a conclusion that cuts like a knife. Reading Reckless left me emotionally bleeding. The story is an intimate glimpse into a pivotal and defining moment in Paul’s life. I found the writing smooth and the descriptions painted the story perfectly. Life isn’t always beautiful. Read Reckless and see why.

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