Moonlight, Motorcycles and Bad Boys by Lynnette Hallberg

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 10
Total: 19.5
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary sensual

Blurb: One pro-football player, one sex-ed teacher, an embezzler, a shocking secret, and hot Georgia nights equal spontaneous combustion!

Katie Sara McMichaels spends her life following the rules. She defines the envelope, while her former high school sweetheart, bad boy Reiner Broderick, spends his days—and nights—pushing that same envelope. Neither has any intention of returning to Paradox, Georgia.

Fate, however, is fickle. When Katie Sara returns home to bury her father, she takes the job of sex-ed teacher at the small town’s high school. Reiner, the permanently sidelined, Super-Bowl-winning quarterback, finds himself called to duty as bachelor-father to his pierced, Goth, purple-and-red-haired niece while his brother and sister-in-law serve in the Middle East.

One touch and the magic is back…but so are the problems. Broken promises, betrayal and devastating secrets. Can Reiner and Katie Sara learn to trust…and love…the second time around?

Review: This is one of the most entertaining books I have read recently. The plot was delightful. Besides the main love story with all it's ups and downs, there were many minor conflicts: an uncle who has custody of his 13 year old Goth niece; mother and daughter; daughter and father; teacher and troublemaking male students; and the appearance of the hero's ex-girlfriends and other women who would like to be his latest lady. The descriptions of the places and people were full of vivid, colorful adjectives. This made an interesting story even more attractive to me.

The characters are fascinating and almost step off the pages as they come alive from the very first times we meet them. The superstar jock is rich handsome sexy and he has a secret career. The leading lady has secrets of her own. The Goth niece has a colorful personality and a matching appearance with her purple and red hair. The great aunt wears a flowered skirt, striped top and red high heels. The aunt's dog wears an Atlanta Braves ball cap and has an oil painting over his food bowl because he likes fine art.

The story is delightful. The plot is full of twists and turns, and it is full of eye watering humor in the least expected places. I thoroughly enjoyed This story; and cannot think of any part in it that I did not like. Emotions go from one extreme to the other, from happiness to sorrow and back to happiness.

I would recommend this book to everyone, with a big but....don't try to read it when you go to bed because you won't be able to sleep until you finish the complete story.


mtnlvr706 said...

I agree -- a great book extrememly well written. The story will have you frustrated, rejoicing, and smiling throughout. It is indeed one of those you just can't put down once you get into it!!
Can't wait for Lynnette's next book to come out!!

Rayne Golay said...

An unputdownable book! The vivid descriptions made me see and smell and feel the town of Paradox. The story made me laugh, root for Katie Sara, hurt with her, fear for her. Lynnette weaves an intricate plot with sub-plots that had me gasp and hold my breath when they didn't bring tears to my eyes. The story mnobilized all my emotions, the dialogue made the characters come alive for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Once you start reading this story you won't be able to put it down. I made the mistake of starting at 9pm, I finished at 12:30 :) Lynnette pulls you right into the story as she captivates you throughout the entire story. I can't wait to read her next. A++ on this one.

Tiffany Green said...

Wow, great review! The story sounds wonderful. Best wishes to you, Lynnette!

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