La Playita by Gavin Atlas

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Lethe Press
Interracial, Gay erotic fiction

Blurb: Jamie, a college senior from Pennsylvania, is nursing the wounds of a broken relationship. Alone on the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica for spring break, shy Jamie spends his time writing his wildest fantasies in his journal. But Jamie is a handsome and muscular young man, and when a mischievous Costa Rican waiter discovers Jamie's deepest desires, the fantasies could become reality. But can Jamie overcome his inhibitions and surrender his body on La Playita?

Review: There are so many wonderful layers to La Playita. First, it’s an erotic short story, but there was more implicitly revealed beneath the surface, than was explicitly written in the pages. Yes, there was hot sex, between hot men, in a hot location, okay so it was hot! Yummy hot, but I totally connected with Jamie. His hesitancy in succumbing to his wants only makes his character more endearing to the reader. This was a perfect little trip to paradise, where the m/m sex was as hot and wet as the Costa Rican environment.

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