Hard Man by Amarinda Jones

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotic

Blurb: The last place Ashbea Somers wanted to be was stuck at a shoe convention with her crazy boss, selling trashy shoes to drunken women. When Ashbea runs into the surly, hard-bodied Harry, things start to get exciting. After a few terse words, she finds herself skin to skin with him up against a wall in a hot, body-shaking moment. Maybe the convention isn’t so bad.

Harry only ever has one-night stands. Hot, wild sex with Ashbea was supposed to be just that. In and out and over, with no regrets, just a passionate memory. But Harry can’t forget the woman who held him so tight and close. He wants one more taste of her luscious body before he walks away. That is, if he can. There’s something about her that’s unforgettable.

Ashbea isn’t sure what Harry’s problem is but she does know one thing. Sex with Harry Hardman is not something she’s about to give up without a fight.

Review: HOT HOT HOT!!! Oy, it's a toss up as to what I did more of...shivering with sexual tension or laughing at some of the things that went on in the story! :)
Ms Jones has done a terrific job of crafting a witty, laugh-out-loud, sexually smokin' story that is guaranteed to please. From page one, I just couldn't stop reading and sure didn't want too. A delightfully wicked tale that left me feeling happy and sated at the end. Always a good combination don't you think?


Amarinda Jones said...

Whoa! Thanks for that!

Ashley Ladd said...

Great review. I have to check out this book now. Of course, all Amarinda's books are great.

I'd also like to be entered in your ad contest.


Selena Robins said...

Great review. Makes me want to check the book out. That cover should be labeled flammable. LOL

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