Good With His Hands by Michelle M. Pillow

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Blurb: Photographer Teresa Kelley is on assignment to shoot old ghost towns and desert scenery. What she doesn’t anticipate is that scenery including the delicious Max Draper. The sizzling desert sun isn’t the only thing heating up the abandoned mining town when the hot, muscled and oh-so-sexy mechanic offers to give her a hand. Dusty floorboards and ghost tales aside, Teresa finds herself on the other end of the lens when she and Max are caught in flagrante delicto by an unexpected…assistant.

Review: Interesting. no doubt the sex is "wall-banging" and hot in true Ms Pillow's style.

Sexy mechanic anyone? Sign me up!! The travels to the ghost town added a little to the story, with a ghost snapping sexy pictures of these two in various states of pleasure :) Though I felt the plot was a little thin the loving made up for it some. Do you like hot sex that happens fast? then this one is for you :) Direct and to the point, these two make no bones about what they want and go for it in full force.

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