Enter Sandman by Leigh Ellwood

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Phaze
m/m Urban Fantasy Erotic

Blurb: Struck by insomnia, Len Crocker is desparate to try anything to get to sleep, even obtain the services of a mysterious living god, and probable huckster, known simply as The Sandman.

When the object of Len's desires, Andrew Gibbons, springs for the nighttime session, Len is amazed by The Sandman's effectiveness...and pleasantly surprised with what he finds in his bed the next morning.

Review: Enter Sandman was an arousing short story. The attraction between Len and Gibb was instant. From their first interaction, you knew these two were going to slip between the sheets. Only Len needs to sleep, not screw. I loved the set-up, the heart of the story where the Sandman saves Len from his insomnia, the hot dreams and finally the scorching sex between Len and Gibb. I found the ending a little strange, but that in no way distracted from my enjoyment of the story. It just seemed to come as an after thought. More like an epilogue.

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