Borrowed Stilettos by Rebecca J. Clark

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 10
Total: 19.5
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Blurb: It’s a classic case of mistaken identity. But this time, it’s no mistake.

Plans go hilariously and seductively awry when mild-mannered Audrey Thompson dresses as Ava, her flamboyant but cowardly twin. It is Audrey's task, as Ava, to break up with Ava's fiancé, Zach Banister. However, as Audrey is stuffing her bra and tottering around in her sister's stilettos, she falls for Zach instead. Little does she know Zach has an agenda all his own.

Review: Oh My Goodness!!!! I giggled, I gasped, I snorted!!!

What a delightfully wicked, witty, funny, laugh-out-loud, rip-roaring-ride from start to finish. Let me give you a hint at how much I loved this book. I was still reading it when the time came to go get my little one from what did I do? well, I packed up the laptop and took it with me!!! I COULDN'T STOP!!!!!!!!!! Hell, even if I could I sure didn't want to :)

A story that will stick with you and keep you smiling. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!! TOTAL WINNER!!!

Since discovering e-books, I don't buy many paperbacks anymore but I am willing to make an exception. I was so over the top blown away by this story that I am glad it is available in print so I can get a copy for my shelf. And just check out that cover...Simple, sexy and IMHO perfect!!!

Ms Clark, *SNAPS* you have a new fan :)


J.A. Saare said...

This is right on the top of my TBR list. Me thinks I needs to read it next!

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Oh, my! I'm blushing at your compliments. Thank you SO much for the great review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. It was great fun to write.


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