My Fair Genie by Tigra-Luna LeMar

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: Phaze
Urban Fantasy Erotic

Blurb:For as long as she can remember, Christine Lago has been obsessed with Amante Salvador, an ancient Mexican lothario. For all her research, however, she is unable to learn the whole truth about his life. After buying an old lamp connected to the legend, Christine discovers there's more to Amante than she realizes.

Imprisoned in the lamp, Amante is forced to exist as a genie until his soul mate, "the one," can break the curse. Is Christine the one, or has Amante made a mistake that could destroy him?

Review: My Fair Genie has a really great premise. The characters had flavor and the story is ripe with potential. At times the sex is fun and flirty and others the encounters are dark, mysterious and blazing hot. But I did have some issues with the story. It seemed like some of the scene had absolutely nothing to do with the story. With such a short work, I would expect the plot to be tight. Drop me into the heart of the action and then propel me along on a great Urban Fantasy story. There were several characters introduced, the only main one (outside of Christine and Amante) is Shaun, but as quickly as he’s dropped in, he out and his character is never resolved.

All together, there are parts of this story that are very enjoyable --even some scenes that didn’t really matter much to the story were still fun to read.

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