Everybody Fucks Raymond by Kris Klein

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: eXcessica
m/m Contemporary

Blurb: It's a temp worker's dream for Aaron Adams-working at an upscale accounting firm in Phoenix that openly caters to hiring GLBT employees. Better still, Aaron's finally been invited to sit at the lunchroom's "rainbow table," where all the "gay elite" at DCH mix and mingle together, sharing laughter and office gossip. Soon, however, Aaron realizes there are some very stereotypical haters in the bunch-when a short, beefy, almost supernaturally good-looking Latino enters the lunchroom just long enough to buy something from a vending machine. The entrance, and exit, of senior accountant Raymond Aguilar sets the rainbow table to twittering; it seems the gossip going on around the office is that practically every gay guy in the building has bedded the hunky Latin stud, who's pretty much known as the office slut-something Aaron has a really hard time believing. Convinced Raymond Aguilar is the victim of some bitchy queens who are just jealous-or angry because they can't have him themselves-Aaron takes it upon himself to visit Aguilar's office that afternoon, to tell him what's going on…where a wayward erection, from being so close to the testosterone-oozing slab of machismo, turns Aaron's meeting with Raymond into a new definition of "employee relations."

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex, anal sex, and cum swallowing.

Review: Kris Klein keeps them coming…literally. Both the awesome stories and hot men.

Everybody Fucks Raymond…and I feel like I have too. That’s because the story is graphic, detailed, and oh so naughty and vulgar. This super short story has a fun beginning, a risky, and totally kinky middle and pleasantly satisfying ending. Would I expect anything less from Kris? And in true Kris fashion, the sex is raunchy and hot. Damn, but I love the dirty boys.

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