The Brothers Dim by Kris Klein

Story: 9
Presentation: 10
Total: 19
Publisher: eXcessica
Contemporary Gay m/m/m

Blurb: Mark, at thirty-three, is over the whole finding-sex-online thing-until he comes up with a posting that turns into the ultimate lure for finding straight men that can be talked into some gay sex. An ad on Craigslist nets him a slew of replies, particularly in two prospective young bunkmates, Kyle and Chuck-who, at twenty-one and nineteen respectively, have a lot more in common than Mark could ever realize. Planning them for back-to-back head sessions (Mark shares with NO ONE), when Kyle arrives late and Chuck shows up only minutes later, Mark concocts a last-minute scheme to try and work a sizzling threesome with the two straight guys-with himself as the star-and his sexual appetite is only made more ravenous when he learns that, quite by accident, he's now standing in his bedroom with a pair of brothers. The only question now is, just how far can he get these boys to go…not only with another guy, as advertised…

But good God, maybe even with each other?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex, coercion, anal sex, and incest.

Review: Oh Kris baby, you are quickly becoming my naughty little obsession.

Readers—heed the warnings and be prepared. The Brothers Dim is sinfully naughty in a most delicious way. This story will make you laugh out loud. The narrative is witty and engaging and so apropos. I was charmed by Mark from the start. He is funny, daring, and horny! While he was hedging his bets with hopeful number one, Kyle, I was absolutely sure he was going to find himself entangled with hopeful number two, Chuck. The story doesn’t disappoint. Wow, the encounter between the three is shockingly…hot! I know, (and what you will find out when you read this story) is that Kyle and Chuck are brothers and the scene makes for some brotherly love that will have you cringing (because it’s just so naughty) and squirming (because damn, it’s just so hot).

This story is not for the timid. This story is for you if you enjoy raw, hard-core sex between hot, horny men (and brothers) :) .

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Kris said...

Wow, what a kind review! Warms the cockles of my heart (so to speak), and I couldn't be happier that you liked the story in the same naughty way I did while writing it. Many thanks.

Kris Klein

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