Base Nature by Sommer Marsden

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Paranormal

Blurb: When Garrett Gustafson breaks from his pack, it’s all about distance. He doesn’t expect to meet a long-tortured woman or someone he wants so bad his teeth damn near ache. He most definitely doesn’t expect to meet a woman he’d even consider changing. Changing is frowned upon and dangerous. But Liv McCoy not only captures his heart, she tempts him. Tempts him to take her, to change her and even to love her.

Liv McCoy has been the weak one all her life. All she wants is a little power. When Garrett shows up she feels an unspeakable pull. Not just to give herself over to him in bed, but to offer all of herself—heart, body and soul. Garrett can give her power. She just needs to convince him that she can handle the change. And his love.

Review: When I saw this title come across my inbox, I was thrilled. I love paranormal and am a HUGE Sommer Marsden fan. As soon as I started reading it I knew it was different.

Ms Marsden has the ability to craft a tale that can take you away to places you have only dreamed about. She can show you fantasies you only think about when no one else is around. This fantastic author is one of my favorites.

Though this story isn't really what I expected from this author it was still good. There were a few spots when I felt the characters did some things that were out of character for them at that time in the book, but over-all the story was well laid and the characters enjoyable.

The last half of the book was a wild ride that got pretty a good way :) and I have to say that Ms Marsden needs to be on the look-out....this reviewer will be snapping up any new work she puts out as fast as it hits the web :)

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