Switched by Desiree Holt

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic BDSM
Blurb: Emma is prepared for another boring lawyers’ conference until her suitcase gets switched with Luke Borelli’s—a man who has as much interest in BDSM as he does in torts and contracts. Wet and horny from the moment she lays eyes on him, she accepts his invitation to introduce her to the pleasures of BDSM.

The feeling of helplessness the handcuffs create only enhances Emma’s pleasure as his mouth devours every inch of her body, his hands teasing and tormenting. When he introduces her to the switch and the edge of pleasure-pain it brings, her orgasms reach a plane of undeniable intensity.

But what about afterward? Emma wonders if she’ll ever see him again. How is she going to satisfy her now permanently aroused body?
Review: Have you been naughty? You might want to be once you read this story :) Spankings never sounded soooo good :)
Totally rocking story with super hot sex, as is to be expected from this author. Ms Holt delivers with a punch in this one. If you are an avid follower there are elements in this story that you will expect, but still a worth while steamy read and it doesn't detract from the "POW" power :). Never again will I look at my luggage the same way.
Thank you Ms Holt for such a tasty treat :)

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