Reining in the Past by Carol Lynne

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Gay Erotic Romance
Blurb: Book 1 in the Saddle Up and Ride series.

When Ray Justice receives a phone call that his father has died, he's shocked. As far as he knew, his father passed away twenty-three years earlier. Adding to the confusion, he finds that he's inherited a large cattle ranch in Montana.

Alfred Deacon came to the J Bar Ranch as a broken cowboy in search of acceptance and honest work. What he found was a best friend and a group of cowboys he'd do anything for. When Ray walks into his life, Deacon is torn between loyalties to his dead friend and desire so strong it makes him weak.

Ray comes face-to-face with a past he didn't know he had and a man he didn't know he needed.

Review: Reining in the Past wasn’t exactly what I expected from an Ellora’s Cave erotic romance. The story is good, the characters likeable. However, I found the physical relationship (the sex) between the two to be warm at best. I didn’t feel the fireworks, but did see the promise of more.

As for the story…
Past hurts motivate both Deacon and Ray. They have the typical conflict of one living openly and the other protecting his lifestyle. I enjoyed life on the ranch, thought Ms. Lynne painted a vivid picture of the area and gave a true feel to the rustic life of ranching. All together, I did enjoy the way Ms. Lynne pulled back the layers of the characters, their pasts and giving them want of a future together. This book is worth reading and you’ll enjoy the story. But with any erotic romance, the sexual journey is just as important and in this element, the story didn’t reach full potential.

This is book one in the Saddle Up and Ride series. I can only assume we are going to meet other interesting men from the Justice River Ranch.

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