The Fall of a Legacy: A Christmas Miracle by Dakota Trace

Story: 6.75
Presentation: 8
Total: 14.75
Publisher: eXcessica
Blurb: Christmas has come and Rebekah Archer, the last disciple of Diana, the goddess of the hunt, is expecting her mates’ babies. Twin brothers and disciples of Apollo, Jase and Dustin Rambaudi, are both pushing Rebekah to marry them unaware of the legacy which has been passed mother to daughter for generations in Archer family. Once the babies are born, Rebekah has to return to Diana with her children and leave her mates behind until the mating ritual happens.As the fulfillment of the legacy draws near, Jase and Dustin whisk Rebekah off to Italy as an early Christmas present after learning about Rebekah’s legacy. While in Italy, Rebekah enjoys the time spent with her mates, she’s never aware their plans for her. Apollo has foreseen their sons being born under a sacred cypress tree in Diana’s grove. If Rebekah gives birth there Diana will take her and babies for sure. Only a Christmas miracle will be able to keep their family together.
Review: The Fall of a Legacy is a short little holiday treat. In only a few pages, Ms. Trace brings to life a cast of mythical characters. Rebekah and her mates, Jase and Dustin are awaiting the birth of their daughters. Once born, their triad will end. Only the gods Diana and Apollo have the power to deliver the three a Christmas miracle.

For a short story the sex is good, the characters likable, and the ending cheerful, just like a holiday story should be. The dialog is natural and the action is fast. I know in a short story there isn’t much time for details. I never really “saw” the characters or where they were in my mind, especially the brothers. The little details that paint the mental imagery sadly weren’t there for me. But the story is good and I hoped Rebekah, Jase and Dustin received their Christmas miracle.

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