Eros by Claire Thompson

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Blurb: Aria Loran has just paid a princely sum for a one-week vacation she’ll never forget. Too busy and powerful for “real love”, Aria has “rented” a mate who is guaranteed to be the man of her dreams. She doesn’t bargain for the telepathic lover who will explore fantasies she has barely admitted, even to herself. Forced to submit as his sex slave, Aria connects with fears and desires deep within her psyche. As the week draws to a close, Aria must face losing a man who can’t be real and a love that most certainly is.
Review: Well.....what can I say. When this tale began I was riveted. It had an interesting story line and I really was pulled in. With super hot sex I was sure it would be a winner.
Then the hero gets replaced by another man as part of the plot. Suffice to say that even though I realize that the replacement man was not meant to be a "new" hero I had some major issues with the fact that he comes into the story and is as aggressive sexually as he was. In one scene he all but rapes the heroine and she admits that fact to herself but knows that she has to keep sleeping with him so the aliens who run the planet won't realize that she and the hero had feelings for each other even though he isn't supposed to be able to have feelings like that.
Not a bad read if you don't mind it being out of the norm in some spots. Not that being out of the box is a bad thing, I just had issues with some of the motivation toward the very end.
That being said I would still pick up something else by this author before making a final decision as to where she would fit in my read pile.

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