Cherry's Jubilee by V.J. Devereaux

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Blurb: Beneath Cherry’s straitlaced corporate persona beats the heart of an exhibitionist. She has always wanted to do something outrageous in public. Cherry has a fantasy—she’d like to be displayed before a group of gorgeous, sexy men, bound and spread naked for them to touch and taste. She’d really like it if those men were Connor O’Donnell and his two VPs, Jed and Erik.

When Connor throws a party to celebrate his contentious rise to CEO, Cherry gets the chance to make her wildest erotic fantasies come true with three of the hottest men she has ever seen. Her friend Patrick is competing for the prestigious position of head chef at O’Donnell International. Challenged to create a truly decadent, unforgettable dessert, he does—using Cherry’s artfully decorated body as his centerpiece.

Rumor holds that Connor shares everything with Jed and Erik. Everything. If things go as Cherry plans, they’ll all get exactly what they want.
Review: HOLY SMOKES!!!!! I am on fire!
Put out on display, covered in chocolate with three super sexy men ready to lick every drop off your body? Yes, please! Where do I sign up? :) Not only is the sex in this one burn up the pages hot and wild, but I thought the story its self was cute. I loved the resolution and the unveiling at the end and found myself ready for more.
Yet another in a line of great reads, I hope to see more from this author :)

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V. J. Devereaux said...

This is still one of my personal favorites, it was great fun to write! Thanks for the great review!

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