Sisters in Time by Ginger Simpson

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Publisher: Eternal Press
Time Travel
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Blurb: Two eras collide when a modern day attorney and a pioneer wife find themselves locked in a time not their own.Mariah Cassidy awakens in the twentieth century. Confined in a pristine environment, hooked to tubes and beeping machines, she’s scared, confused and wondering why everyone keeps calling her Mrs. Morgan. Who is the strange man who keeps massaging her forehead and telling her everything is going to be alright?Taylor Morgan tries to focus on her surroundings through a blinding headache. The patchwork quilt, the water basin, and the archaic room don’t strike a familiar chord. Her mouth gapes when a handsome man waltzes into the room, calls her darling, and expresses his delight that she’s on the road to recovery.Clearly something is amiss.

Review: An interesting tale about two women who trade places across the span of time. Ms Simpson really has a way of opening your imagination to the possibilities of "what if?" I can only imagine what these two couples went through during the time when the wives were swapped...No I'm not talking about swinging :) but a swap across time without consent. Try explaining that one to your hubby....or the strange man who says you are his wife...HOLY CRAP !! who are you crazy man and just what do you think you are doing? :)

Though there were some minor editing issues and it may not be what most would classify as "romance" the story was totally enjoyable and one I could not put down once I got started. When I was forced to step away from the computer.....drat life for interfering :) I was eager to return to discover what was going to happen next.

With characters who are easy to like, Ms Simpson has done another good job. This is not the first, nor will it be the last book of hers I pick up. Thank you, Ginger for the escape from the mundane. You never fail in the delivery :)


Ginger Simpson said...

What can I say...thank you so much for the early Christmas gift. Every author wants to know that someone enjoys their work. Your indication that you couldn't wait to get back to the story was what made my day. I had such fun writing SIT,but it wasn't easy keeping track of two heroes and two heroines. Dang those editorial issues that detracted you. Doesn't matter how many sets of eyes read the manuscript...something always seems to slip by. Thanks again, Santa!!

Tabitha Shay said...

Major Congrats, Miz Ginger on a job well done, but then I'm not surprised...I've read some of your books and they never fail to please....Hugs...Tabs

Maggie Dove said...

Congratulations, Ginger, on a great review!

Robert Appleton said...

YAY Ginger! Excellent review for an always excellent author. I'm a big time travel fan so I might have to check this one out.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ginger,
Well my friend another great review. Well done and well deserved. I haven't started reading Sisters In Time yet, I want to savour it over the Christmas holidays, because I know once I pick it up, I won't be able to put it down.
Best wishes

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