The Shoot by Andrew Richardson

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Eternal Press
GLBT Erotica
Blurb: A naïve woman learns some lessons in love.Kath Mahoney only attends her friend’s first glamour photo shoot because Pippa needs someone to drive her there. Kath expects to find the day boring, but her interest is stirred when the photographer, Rob, turns out to be a sexy, blonde, former glamour model called Robyn.Kath allows herself to be talked into posing with Pippa. She warms to the sexy poses, and enjoys the photographer’s attention. When Robyn invites Kath back for a solo shoot, Pippa is crushed. Even before Kath steps into the studio, though, Kath suspects that neither she nor Robyn will be particularly interested in taking photographs.
Review: A titillating short read about a first time experience. Sexy, Fast paced, Stimulating and a good erotic read. If you have never read any f/f but have always wondered this is a good one. If you are a regular then this one is a must.

Good characters, a friendship tested by the revealing and a relationship that has a possibility for a future. What more could a girl want? Not overly explicit but this one gives enough to be a good one to whet the appetite for more.
I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more from this author :)

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