Love Lilies & The Unbroken Straw by Teri Wilson

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Lite Paranormal
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Blurb: Christabel Wilde’s life has just turned upside-down. With little more than the clothes on her back and her newly rescued Chihuahua tucked under her arm, she makes a pledge to start over and applies for a job as a groom at a horse rescue farm. Nevermind that she’s never been up close to a horse before, she has a bigger secret to hide. A mysterious gift her new neighbor, Dr. Declan Armstrong, is determined to uncover. When the irresistible veterinarian volunteers to give her riding lessons, Christabel knows it could be the end of her secret. With the Easter holiday approaching, she tries to remember that sometimes what looks like the end is really a new beginning.

Review: What a truly wonderful, heartwarming tale about miracles, love and second chances....for people and animals alike :)

As a second in a series this story was a great follow up to the first. Can be read as a stand alone or as intended by the author, a sequel. Great plot, bright imagination, characters that just reach out and touch your heart and a mix of animals that will make you smile.

Any animal lover, horse nut or romance lover will find this tale a delight. Ms Wilson has done it again to be sure. Don't miss this heartwarming tale!

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