Ink Me by Robin Wolfe

Story: 5
Presentation: 8
Total: 13
Publisher: Eteranal Press
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Blurb: When Marie went to a tattooist she never expected to get more than just ink. But sometimes appointments don’t go according to plan…Marie plans to get a tattoo that’s deeply important to her and needs the perfect artist to do her ink. But at her first appointment with award-winning tattooist Paul, she realizes that his pictures in tattoo magazine profiles don’t begin to do him justice. As embarrassing as it is for her to admit to herself, she knows she’d like to get a whole lot more than just a tattoo from him… and she soon discovers the feeling may be mutual!

Review: There is a difference between EROTIC and EROTICA. I am a fan of both forms of hot, spicy writing. This shorty seemed to have more story than sex and for an erotica that isn't usually the norm. With only one oral scene (on him) and one sex scene, I felt it could have been expanded to really amp up the heat.

The plot line itself was cute and would have made a great story had it been a little longer. But if you like your Erotica a bit on the raunchy side then here is a good one for you. There were some pretty graphic refrences to smell, taste and some other comments.
Some parts game across as D/s but it really wasn't. It didn't really strike me as Erotica either. Erotic yes, but not enough sex to qualify as Erotica. I don't think I will be judging this first time author by this title. I would like to see more from her in the future before I decide whether she goes on my automatic read list.

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Robin Wolfe said...

Thanks for taking the time to review my book. I know review sites get deluged with requests these days, and I appreciate you reviewing mine! I usually think of my style as "visceral", but I do like your suggestion of "raunchy" - it's got a ring to it, and I think I'll keep it! :)

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