How to Tell a Lie by Delphine Dryden

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotic
Blurb: Book One, Truth & Lies

Allison Moore does her psychology research from the safety of the internet, where she can study her subjects’ lying ways without the need for pesky human involvement. Online games are the perfect place to look for liars and have fun at the same time.

Seth Brantley is a fellow professor who can make even economics seem sexy. When he and Allison realize they’ve been “researching” in the same game, a face-to-face meeting seems inevitable. After all, they’re practically neighbors—they’ve been working in adjacent buildings for years.

Fresh from a breakup and afraid to take a risk, Allison wants to keep her affair with Seth strictly electronic…but she can’t deny their virtual antics are hot enough to melt their keyboards. Can Seth convince her to give up the safety of cybering and take a chance on passion in the real world?
Review: In this, the Age of the Online; it is nice to know that one can play games, socialize, and research for knowledge; amongst other things. It is also nice to know that you do not have to depends on the online dating sites (no offense to those whom may use them), to find someone to develop a relationship with – not just a romantic one.

In this clever novella, our heroine has enough common sense to know that it ‘might’ be a bad idea to meet up with a man she has ‘known’ online for several months. However, after doing her research on him, they go to a public local restaurant for the face-to-face meet-and-greet (I for one have never liked those HA!). From there our love story blossoms.. I can almost feel her torment as she over thinks everything. I love her cousins/friends, whom tell her like it is and do not beat around the bush (we should all be so lucky to have cousins/friends like that).

The research project, on both sides, was very intriguing to me. I wonder, do you know someone who is conducting such research, or did you think it up along the way. Never the less - Bravo Mrs. Dryden! Bravo!

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