For Olympus' Sake by Shayla Kersten

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
M/M Fantasy
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Blurb: Stephen Liatos’ career as an archaeologist hit a brick wall a long time ago. His love life crashed and burned right behind it. When a young intern claims to have the key to the elusive artifact known as Aphrodite’s necklace, Stephen’s life takes a strange turn. Suddenly, he’s in the middle of the hottest wet dream he’s ever had. Until all hell breaks loose. Literally.

Alex’s mission was to retrieve his mistress’s necklace. He didn’t need a passenger along for the ride, although Stephen’s overactive libido makes for an interesting trip. Nor did he expect to end up in Hades instead of Olympus. Now he has to get the necklace and Stephen out of the Underworld before they both become permanent residents.

Review: Ms. Kersten has brilliantly woven mythology with a steamy hot love affair. And love affair is aplenty. Page after page was filled with details to delight the senses. Those of us who think two cocks are better than one will love this story. Because a realm of hot men ready to please each other has got to be heaven…err Hades.

The story is best read slowly with every word savored. The characters are richly described and the scenes flawlessly build the story. The connection between Stephen and Alex simmers. They explore more than the connection to each other, but also explore their own sexuality. There was action yet the quiet moments between the two of them felt very intimate and revealed the possible love growing between them.

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Shayla Kersten said...

Wow! Thank you! I don't know what else to say. This is the first review I've seen for FOR OLYMPUS' SAKE and it's a wonderful start!


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