Dink by N.D. Hansen-Hill and Melody Knight

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Blurb: James Oberon Trask, AKA Jot, is a werewolf with a problem. His temper is as ferocious at moonrise as his size is diminutive. If all this weren't bad enough, Jot is also living in a dangerous place. Somewhere in the community, a serial killer is at work, enacting werewolf slayings under the full moon. Werewolf expert, Polly Merriworth, has been called in to find the Were psychopath. Polly remains skeptical about the existence of werewolves, but she can't help but wonder, given so many traditional tales, whether there might be some fact behind all the fiction? Or is the dark lore of lycans, the promise of passion and the bloodlust, merely an excuse for some misguided soul? When Jot encounters Polly, it takes considerable finesse to woo her without revealing his lunar affliction. Especially since it may well require the talents of his Were side to prevent her being the next victim of the lycan slayer.
Review: HOWLING good time!!! This short was absolutely adorable! I loved the new twist on Lycans, of which I would have never thought about. Most people have the stereotypical thought process of what Werewolves should be.

Even the villain gets his up-and-comings. It just goes to show that “the grass is not always greener on the other-side”. Two Paws Up!

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