Cup of Joe by Teri Wilson

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Contemporary Inspirational
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Blurb: Goldie thinks she's prepared for the death of her doting Grandpa who's raised her since childhood. But after his passing, she finds herself curled up on the sofa watching television, feet clad in fuzzy slippers. She knows God has a new plan for her life, but she's simply too tired to figure out what it is. To make matters worse, sweet, shy coffee shop owner, Joe Montgomery, keeps showing up on her doorstep with morning coffee. When she tells him emphatically that she doesn't like coffee—never has and never will—he shows up with a dog instead! As she takes steps to start a new life, with her new puppy scampering playfully at her side, Goldie begins to realize a cup of Joe just might be what she's needed all along.

Review: What a great feel good love story! Ms Wilson does such a great job creating her stories, her characters always have wonderful depth, the animals are super nifty and the Lord is always there :) lending a helping hand, guiding those who seek him and showing those who ask the wonder of His way.

This heartwarming inspirational is filled with laughs, love and friendships that really open your eyes and take you to new heights. The death of a loved one is a challenge and can be devastating, this tender tale takes us for a ride along one couples discovery that sometimes death opens more doors than it closes.

It is easy to see why this story won a prize in the SARA Merritt contest this year! *SNAPS* Ms Wilson on such an endearing, truly inspiring love story :)


Marianne Evans said...

Way to go, Teri. Congratulations.

JoAnn said...


What an awesome review. I loved the book too!

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