Controlled Desires by Barbara Huffert

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Blurb: She prides herself on being an independent woman, strong and capable, but it hadn’t been part of her plan to go it alone. Then he walks into her office, a man like none she’s ever met who turns her world upside down. His every touch stirs her body into a frenzy and changes everything she thought she knew about herself.

He’s been called a control freak and a take-charge kind of guy who sees right away she isn’t the sort of woman to “take direction”. A pity. He has plenty of ideas on directing her, both in the bedroom and out of it.

It’s bossy meets obstinate in a clash of wills that burns up the sheets and sends sparks flying. Neither of their lives will ever be the same.
Review: With a premise that was D/s based but not quite, this was an interesting little tale. Though there were times when I really didn't understand the relationship between the hero and heroine, (it was a roller coaster ride). There were times when he was dominating and she fought back against it tooth and nail. The sex was hot and frequent.
With an included IM sex scene that was cute, this erotica delivered 100% in the erotic end. What more can you ask for in an Exotica title. In the end the relationship issues were resolved between h/h and I was left feeling emotionally (and otherwise :) satisfied.

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barbara huffert said...

What a great thing to wake up to! Thank you for investing your time to read and review my book, especially when things are so hectic at this time of year. So appreciate it!

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