Belong to Me by Phyllis Campbell

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
Blurb: A masked ball—a night of seduction.When fed-up Charlotte Hamilton travels to New York to locate her wayward husband, she finds him at a masked ball. Realizing he doesn't know who she is behind her mask, she seduces him before revealing herself as his wife. Neil talks her into a bargain—to stay as his wife for one month. If they don't suit, he'll grant her an annulment. What Charlotte uncovers about his life during that month is far more than she bargained for. In addition to the disguises in his closet from his investigative business, she stumbles across secrets—secrets that threaten their very lives.Swept into a whirlwind of mystery, passion and adventure, Charlotte must discover the truth of her own heart before it's too late for them both.
Review: Let me start by saying that once I started I couldn't put it down. The plot was interesting and kept me reading. The hero and heroine were enjoyable for the most part though they both showed some unheroic traits. I can't say too much without spoiling but at one point I was so disgusted with both of them I wanted to scream.....but obviously I kept reading so maybe it wasn't all that bad. All I will say is the hero was manipulative toward the heroine and she was a bit unfaithful to him (IMHO). You will understand after you read the book :)
Though this historical is set in New York 1852, I did not feel like I was reading an American historical. This book had the feel of a Regency story the entire way and I did find one historical inaccuracy that did not work for a story set in the states.
I know what you must be thinking...With all that why did it get a 7 on the story score? Well, in spite of the issues that I had with the characters and location of the story I STILL couldn't stop reading until I was to the last page :) Ms Campbell does a great job keeping readers engaged even if there are a few snags. The mystery was interesting and woven very well through the entire story. Secondary characters were well written and helped keep the story moving.
This is not the first, nor will it be the last of Ms Campbell's work that I pick up and read.


Phyllis Campbell said...

I had to laugh at this review. Not because I found it comical, but that you couldn't stop reading it. (grins) I love to hear things like that. This is one story I wrote differently. I didn't want a perfect hero and heroine. I wanted two characters who could grow in their love together while conflict surrounded them. I think I accomplished that. And...don't feel bad that you didn't think you were reading an American historical. I'm used to writing Regencies and Victorians, so I understand why you thought that. But I'm thrilled you couldn't stop reading!!


Melissa Blue said...

Now I HAVE to buy this book! The review has me thoroughly intrigued and my interest piqued.


Anonymous said...

The fact that the reviewer wanted to scream at the characters show how engaging the book is. Just because a person is a hero or heroine in the story...that simply portrays them as the main characters, doesn't infer they can't have flaws. My husband is my hero...but believe me, he has flaws aplenty. *lol* Every story shouldn't be fairy-tale perfect to be believable, even in fiction.

The problem with reviews for me, is that most are so used to reading stories written to fit that perfect little "box", they can't think outside of it, and when something doesn't fit the menu, then it must be wrong. Congrats on writing so fine that the reviewer GOT you despite not realizing it. :)

Sherry Gloag said...

Interesting review. Personally, perfect characters lead to a tedious read, so the 'misbehaviour of the hero and heroine would intrigue me. I'm reading Georgette Heyer right now, and most of her main characters shine because of their flaws (as well as her fabulous writing!).
I'll add this book on my TRL too. The reviewer piqued my interest, so it did its job!!

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