Wrapped in Your Arms by Jude Stephens

Story: 7
Presentation: 5
Total: 12
Publisher: Hearts on Fire Press
Holiday Sweet Contemporary
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Blurb: Michele Moretti is trying to avoid Christmas with her family. Since her divorce, holidays with her happily married siblings have been painful.. This Christmas she decides to forgo the awkward family holiday scene and hit the beach. Michele believes that it’s time to put her past behind her and open herself up to new relationships.
Kyle Hyde is restless. He gave up a successful career on Wall Street to run a hotel on St. Martins. After turning the hotel in a thriving business he feels the beginnings of his constant craving for change.
Will they end up wrapped in each other's arms or will a wedding band tear them apart?

Review: *Sigh* The plot and story line for this little tale was wonderfully promising. I felt the editing fell sadly short in polishing this tale to what it could have been. Though the story had a very novice feel I think with some time this author will be one to watch for!

I found myself wishing the story would have been longer so I could have seen more of the hilarious things these two went through during her stay. I have to admit that the first scene had me laughing so hard I though I was going to pee in my pants :)

Ms Stephens, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for your name as I have high hopes for your next tale :)

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