Touch Me, Tease Me, Whip Me by Eliza Gayle

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Phaze
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Blurb: Part Three of Purgatory!
Recovering from a bad relationship, Walker comes to Purgatory looking for a place to call home. While he enjoys the casual play, he yearns to make a connection with a submissive for the long-term. The second he lays eyes on beautiful, mysterious Cass at the flogging station, his mind is made up.
Cass enjoys the sense of anonymity Purgatory gives her, and despite her determination to live by her rules she is unable to resist Walker. Can Cass overcome her personal demons to give in completely to the Dom who has her heart, and a mighty strong whip, in his hands?

Review: I like many others enjoy a hot steamy read. Throw in a bit of BDSM and call it a winner. I had a couple of little issues but it was nothing that made me put the story down. Once I opened this one I read till it was done.

During the first scene I had a bit of a hard time keeping straight what man was doing what when. The heroine was wearing jeans then a skirt, not a major oops but something that should have been caught. And the lack of protection during the first sex scene.

Aside from those issues I found the tale tantalizing and tempting. A good solid read that will definitely urge me to read more by Ms Gayle :)

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