Strong Silent Type by Gregory L. Norris

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Phaze
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Blurb: Aspiring writer Tabitha Lawford and her emerald-eyed muse have a falling out, right when she thinks their relationship couldn't be better or more passionate. All attempts to woo him back fail and, as a last resort, Tabi signs them both up for a weekend of couple's therapy -- at a writer's retreat held at a remote mountain lodge.
Determined they'll either end their relationship completely or she'll get him to loosen his tight lips and stop the silent treatment, Tabi adds a bit of playful experimentation to spice up their stalled love life: writing on an antique Underwood typewriter instead of her laptop. Tabi has given up the ghost -- but can she win him back?

Review: When I saw the blurb I was pulled in. It is understood that the relationship between author and muse can be a tricky one for some. Much like a love affair there are times when you just can't keep your hands off each other and other times when if you even see the other person you just want to strangle them :)

Though I felt the beginning started off slow, once it got going it flowed well. The love scenes were hot, the story solid, the dialogue more sparse than I would have liked but most of the story takes place in a secluded cabin. All in all not a bad little number and it really sheds a new light on the love affair between an artist and their muse :)

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