Prey for the Wolf by Kari Thomas

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Eternal Press
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Blurb: A highly sensual love story of passion, danger and primal rules.Bethany Garrett's brother is kidnapped by a group known as The Hunters who make it their life mission to track down and kill shapeshifters. The Hunters offer Bethany a deal for her brother's life: Infiltrate the most dangerous group of wolf shifters known and help destroy them. She's not prepared for the instant attraction she feels for the alpha of the pack, Kane Steele. Now, not only is her life in danger but also her heart and soul. Because once Kane finds out the truth of why she's there, she doesn't stand a chance of living very long. And Kane has her sited as his prey now. Bethany knows the time for turning back was lost the minute she and Kane met. And she's about to find out what it means when a wolf shifter tells her she's his, no matter what happens in the following days of peril...

Review: NICE!!! Those of you who follow the blog know what a sucker I am for the paranormal. Vamps, Shifters and such are like candy to me. This story was no exception. A totally hot read with smoking me and lots of sexual tension....and some REALLY good lovin'!

I loved the ending when you find out that......ooops :) almost gave that one away huh? Nope! o matter how much you beg I'm not going to give it up. Lets just say that it was worth the ride, her torn feelings paid off in the end and don't feel to bad for Ethan. It all works out for him :) Kane is a super hot alpha who goes for what he wants and doesn't take no for an answer. MMMM Can I have one? :)

*Snaps* Ms Thomas, A wonderful find that has earned you a new fan. Keep up the good work :)

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Anonymous said...

A BIG THANK YOU for the great Review! So glad you liked Kane! He's one bad boy, isnt he! :-) Like you, I want one like him too! BUt alas, Bethany isnt sharing....


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