Last Man on Earth by Michelle M. Pillow

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Sci Fi Erotic
Blurb: Dr. Micco Hagan has been charged with pairing up the last of Earth’s survivors based on genetics for optimal survival of the species. He can’t resist the opportunity to be with his dream girl, Rena Gates. Though she rejected him before the Earth ended, he hopes now she’ll find a soft spot for him.

In the time before, Rena thought Micco had only come on to her to win a bet. She never expected them to be rescued together, or to be eventually partnered. Unable to resist following orders, she discovers they have a lot more going for them than DNA matching. The sex is explosive, but can it eventually grow into love?
Review: Ms. Pillow never disappoints and this is another example of how to cram a lot of story into few pages. (She also knows how to write sex. I couldn’t say cram and not think of Micco’s prowess.)
It’s just Rena’s luck that one of the last men on Earth is the one who rubs her wrong…until he gets to rub her right. And he’s going to get the chance to rub her very often after their arranged marriage. How else are they going to repopulate the planet after massive destruction?
Don’t worry about post apocalyptic Earth. Ms. Pillow has found a way to save humanity. Lots of smokin’ hot sex!

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