Full Moon in Virgo by Dawn Madigan

Story: 6.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 14.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Blurb:Gypsy witch Aniki Sándor is determined to track down a Sex Magician who’s been kidnapping virgins, always on Halloween. Smarting from being turned down for the FBI’s Criminal Thaumaturgy Division, she’ll prove to the Bureau that they’re a Federal Bunch of Idiots for rejecting her!

For years, FBI Agent Rick Spade has been after the kidnapper himself. He’s more than surprised to discover Aniki working the case. In order to protect her, Rick must teach her sex, discipline and magic—before the kidnapper finds her.

And Halloween is just two days away.

Review: Gypsy Witches, Werewolves Magi, kidnappings and sex! Goodnight-a-mighty! When Aniki, being the innocently voluptuous Maiden is enthralled by Rick, the FBI’s sexy Magus – there is a whole Spell Bag full of squirming and seduction going on.
I personally found the “make-out” sessions a lot hotter than the actual sex scene. Chained to a wall in nothing but a “rope dress” (pg 110) in some very Ouchy places! Yiks!!
Yet overall, Ms. Madigan, brought the story together in the end.

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