Naughty Tonight by Alyssa Brooks

Story: 4

Presentation: 5

Total: 9

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Erotic BDSM

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Blurb:Because best friends make the best lovers.

If it kills her, Kim Thomas is making a move tonight. In love with Jackson Hanley, her best friend since high school, Kim is determined to spark his attention by stepping out of her tomboy self and making him want her.

Want her he does, and Jackson can no longer avoid the succulent little lady he catches dancing on a table-minus her shirt. A thorough paddling could be in order. For tonight, naughty Kim is going to learn more about her best friend than she ever bargained for.

Review: Wow! What can I say? I love Ellora’s Cave Quickies. Usually the sex is banging from page one and by the end I’m wet and restless and needing my vibrator. I’m sorry to say, that I don’t feel that way about Naughty Tonight. I didn’t like Kim and I liked Jackson even less. For a savvy business man, screwing all your clients before you finish the deal, isn’t savvy. Kim whined until she pushed Jackson to make a move. Once he does, he isn’t initiating her into his world of kink (a world I love to visit as often as I can while escaping into a book) But he punishes her, gives her sex with such disdain that had she known what thoughts ricocheted around in his head, I would hope she’d run from the room. But alas I believe she’d stay anyway as long as he finally loves her. I also thought the ending was too easy. A split second decision doesn’t undo the horrible behavior, but he loves her now, so she happily leaves on the rose colored glasses.

As for the writing, fragmented sentences break the flow of the story. This story is not the typical example of an Ellora’s Cave Quickie. And if Ms. Brooks were to pen another, I would read the book. I have faith that this was simply a fluke in execution.

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