Montego Lay by Helen Hardt

Story: 8

Presentation: 9

Total: 17

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


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Blurb: Vacationing at a Montego Bay nude resort, Lisa Brooks finds herself volunteering in a bondage demonstration on the beach. She’d like to continue the instructions with the Jamaican native, but the gorgeous resort employee has other duties to perform. Though disappointed, Lisa accompanies a friend to an erotic casino night where the chips are free and redeemable for sex. A night for a mysterious encounter? If only she could buy the island hottie she really wants.

Review: A sexy man, a hot, exotic location and enough hormones to sink a battle ship.......Put them all together and what do you think you will have? Another of Ms Hardt's fulfilling tales that will leave you breathless and panting :)

I have read a few books from this author and must confess that I have never been disappointed, Montego Lay is no exception. Tantalizing and forbidden. New and exciting. With enough of a promise of the future to make it worth the smile at the end. The middle.......oooooooooooo yeah!

If you have not taken it upon yourself to read anything from this author, I strongly encourage you to pick up this title or any of her others. You won't be disappointed.......maybe needy but not disappointed :)


Helen Hardt said...

The only thing better than a wonderful review like this is knowing you've read more of my work and have enjoyed it, as well. Thank you so much!


Romance Reader said...

Helen, We have another review posted here on the blog for another of your books. LOVED tham both! Keep up the great work

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