Kilt Worthy by Catherine Bybee

Story: 7.5

Presentation: 8.5

Total: 16

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Erotic Time Travel

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Blurb: Peering at the world from behind her camera lens, "Plain Jane" Parker is stunned to see a handsome hunk wearing a kilt as he confidently strolls down a busy Seattle street. Her dormant libido roars to life even before their eyes meet. Aroused and intrigued, she tosses aside her usual caution and follows when Logan MacLaren beckons for a delightfully sinful one-night stand. Logan is an exceptionally talented lover, wielding the abundant sword he sports beneath his plaid to deliver unparalleled pleasures. He reminds her to trust her instincts after reality proves they're a more perfect fit than either imagined. Then Logan drops his bombshell: He's traveled through time to find her and wants her to stay with him medieval Scotland. Did Jane just have the most erotic sex of her life with a delusional crazy man, or is it truly possible for her one-night stand to last forever?

Review: This was a cute story. Studly men in kilts....YUMMY! Though I felt Jane fell for the Highland stud a little fast, ready to stay with him after little convincing on his part, it didn't really detract from the story, or the erotic element.

I Thought the use of a door, in a building in Seattle as a time travel portal was a nifty twist. The loving was hot and the characters were strong and the story delivered.

This is the first work I have ever read from this author, but plan to read more from her as I hope you do.


Catherine Bybee said...

Thank you so much!

Carol L. said...

I can't wait to read Catherine's Kilt Worthy.
Highlanders in Kilts are my one Big weakness. I look forward to reading this one and want to wish Catherine much success with her Kilt Worthy.
Carol L.

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