A Treasure for Sara by Allison Knight

Story: 8

Presentation: 8

Total: 16

Publisher: Champagne Books

Historical Western 238 pages

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Blurb: Thrust together by her dying father, Sara McGuiness must face the treacherous Yukon Territory with "Bear", a quiet giant of a man. Will they survive and learn to share a burning love born during the chill of a Northern winter?

Review: Every so often I decide to take a chance on a book even if the blurb doesn't really win me over. I mean really, how many times have you picked up a book, read the blurb and said to yourself "This sounds great" only to toss it into the "I'll read it later" pile or the famouse "Give it away" pile after only being able to endure a few short pages? I have done it many times, but fortunatly this is not one of those titles. I have long been a fan of a good historical. There is something romantic about them, aside from the fact they are romance novels :) And this is one that really ranked up there for me.

A wonderful story about a girl who goes to Alaska to be with her father to share in the "treasure" he found, only to find out once she is there that he is dieing. After the funeral, his partner wants to send her home, but she has no desire to leave. There is nothing to go home to and against his wishes, she stays.

I found myself completly pulled in and loving every minute I spent with the characters. It is one I would read again. And a $6 for the .pdf I felt it was worth while.

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