Stormy Wedding by Kelli Scott

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Rachel McAllister tried to dissuade Rory Callahan’s interest, she’d been hurt by love too many times before, but Rory had been as relentless as a dog after a bone. She gave in, but made one thing perfectly clear from the start—no sex until she said, “I do.” If Rachel knew one thing about men, it was that you gave them what they wanted—sex—and they’d be out the door before the sun came up. Rory has passed all her tests and jumped through her hoops to prove his love. They’re ready to say, “I do”, and Rachel’s ready to erase any of Rory’s lingering regrets about waiting to have sex.

Rory fell head over heels for Rachel at first sight. Getting her to date him was another matter altogether. He’d followed all her rules and has barely complained about her strict moral code. Now he’s going to marry her for better or worse. He’s about to find out his goody-two-shoes bride-to-be is a fiery vixen who’s too hot to handle.

Review: I have been enjoying the BRANDED line from EC. Sexy stories where the characters are married couples. Hey, married couples get kinky too :)

I was really looking forward to this one after reading the blurb, and while I enjoyed the plot, the quirks and the funny situations, I wondered a bit about the heroine. She seemed to flip back and forth from dirty girl to prim and reserved. I understood her reservations and her fears about having sex before they were married but I guess I just expected her to be a bit kinkier after the wedding than what she was.

Even with my previous paragraph I don’t want you to think that I didn’t enjoy the story because I did. It was a quirky, funny, sexy fast read that was worth the time :) You should take a look for yourself.

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